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Four Filipino artists present exhibits about social status, human emotions, war, and peace

West Gallery presents the solo exhibits of Jose Tence Ruiz, Dengcoy Miel, Pete Jimenez, and Pinggot Zulueta

West Gallery becomes the epicenter of Filipino visual arts this month until Aug. 6 as it presents four solo exhibits by distinct Filipino artists. Inside its hall are the solo exhibits of Jose Tence Ruiz (“Force Maneure”), Dengcoy Miel (“Failed Taxonomies”), Pete Jimenez (“The Greatest Gun Show in the West”), and Pinggot Zulueta (“Infinitum”). Collecting diverse artworks, the exhibits display an abundance of shapes and colors, while others are deliberately restrained to monochrome lines.

Pete Jimenez, Dengcoy Miel, Jose Tence Ruiz, and Pinggot Zulueta 

It is natural for these artists to deal with varying themes, instead of limiting themselves to singular subjects. The principle of work and discipline of rendition with their diverse themes have remained, although their themes vary.

Get a glimpse of their showcases below.

‘Force Maneure’

“In privileged cases where we can choose our calamity, Force Maneure may often be last on our list,” Jose Tence Ruiz says. “Who wishes to inhabit a social realm defined by turgid unacceptability, particularly in the form of fabricated histories, poker-faced fraud, calm deceit, unreliability, cold and egregious falsification? And yet, that might even be a preferable situation to clarify.”


‘Failed Taxonomies’

“All things exist in preordained hierarchies that are by-products of an evolutionary conceit, perhaps initiated by a prehistoric chordate whose eyes have seen the actual face of God,” Dengcoy Miel states. “All that can be seen from hence onward are classified within this top/down diminution, of descaling/upscaling the significance of humans, animalia, objects or ideas in purely economic, social, cultural, and political import. It is in this manner, in this Derridean sense, of things being unresolved, too, that we lay the conceptual direction of these paintings, these ‘Failed Taxonomies’.”


‘The Greatest Gun Show in the West’

“Guns are extensions of human will, therefore articulate human spirit, acceptable or not,” Pete Jimenez muses. “They have been depicted in art since they were invented, although early on, in Ottoman, European, and American Civil war imagery, they were trumpeted with more militaristic idealism and patriotic fervor. Francisco Goya’s ‘The Third of May 1808,’ painted 1814-15, dramatized their fascistic potential. Picasso did a remake of Goya, Massacre in Korea in 1951. Botong Francisco immortalized both executions by musketry and guns as means to independence.”



“The artworks present a confluence of emotions, including despondent expressions about the grim realities of this segment in human history,” Pinggot Zulueta expresses. ”During the years of isolation, my resolve was to document how the pandemic was affecting me and others, including the not-so-subtle realization that our mortality is real. In solidarity with various forms of anguish, these artworks are presented in exuberant fields of black and white, as if shades of darkness are spreading into infinity.”


West Gallery is located at 48 West Avenue, Quezon City.

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