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‘Secrets of the Raknus Selu Trail’ document special and podcast series to launch on AXN Asia on Sept. 28

KC Global Media, Asia’s leading network, announced the world premiere of Secrets of the Raknus Selu Trail, an original production commissioned by Taiwan’s Hakka Affairs Council.

The one-hour Documentary Special chronicles the Hakka trail of Taiwan’s most iconic exports while paying homage to the Hakka heritage that is now seeing a cultural revival with a new generation of young Hakkas across Taiwan.

Premiering across AXN’s channel on September 28 across Asia and the worldwide release on AXN Asia’s YouTube channel on September 29, audiences will also discover deeper insights into the adventure through the global release of a four-part podcast series of the same title on September 28 across leading audio streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Podcast, SPH Radio’s AWEDIO app, Astro Radio’s SYOK app, and International Community Radio Taipei (ICRT) Radio’s app.

Derek Wong, Vice President & Head of Production & Creative for KC Global Media said, “Being chosen by the Hakka Affairs Council to produce and document Taiwan’s most iconic tourist destination has been a privilege and a humbling experience which reinforces our brand as a regional creative and original production force as we share the heart and soul of the Hakka people. Through this “docutainment”, we offer a holistic learning experience that combines the elements of documentary filmmaking with an entertainment edge for our Asian audiences through the visual, online, and audio space, and look forward to producing more of such meaningful projects in the future!”

Hosted by British photographer, Chris Stowers, and award-winning Taiwanese food and travel writer, Danny Wen Shi-Kai,the one-hour episode special take viewers through Danny’s ancestral family’s journey through the forgotten paths of the iconic Raknus Selu Trail, as they uncover intricate customs and stories of the Hakka heritage, which reveals the culture’s impact of modern Taiwan, and a journey into the core of the Asian instinct for community and tradition to surpass time.

In the documentary special, Danny and Chris pass through the iconic Sankeng Old Street in Taoyuan, a repository of Hakka culture and architecture before setting off to the starting point of the Raknus Selu Trail, which was used for transporting tea to the ferry port.

The duo proceeds to visit the Taiwan Black Tea company before visiting the Lo Family House, a preserved traditional horse of the early Hakka immigrants, and the “Taiwan Thousand Miles Trail Association (TMI) which is the preservation of Taiwan’s hiking trails around the island. The Raknus Selu Trail is Taiwan’s very first long-distance trail network, spanning over 200 km and covering the Taiwanese cities of Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Miaoli, and Taichung.

Shot within a backdrop of scenic trails and mountainous greenery, lies a culture that is rich and deep-rooted in tradition and heritage, and beautifully preserved by the Hakka people who continue to share their passion with the world and welcome travelers and guests to their home within the Raknus Selu Trail. AXN brings Secrets of the Raknus Trail to the world where viewers experience the beauty, passion, and heritage of the Hakka people within the magical Hakka Trail that promises to be a cultural adventure experience like no other!

Secrets of the Raknus Selu Trail will also be featured as a 4-part podcast series, hosted by the show’s original duo, Chris and Danny, including special guests, Radio DJ Andrew Zhan (Singapore’s UFM100.3) and Radio DJ Joseph Lin (Taiwan’s ICRT FM100).

Episode 1 will feature The Journey as the duo shares their experiences behind the scenes of production and what they learned in their journey. For episode 2, the podcast will cover the Hakka history and culture with Danny sharing stories about his childhood. Episode 3 will cover food, including some popular Hakka cuisines, while episode 4 will explore the interesting flora and fauna found on the trail.

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