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Professional creator program for SEA opens

The Professional Creator Program winners for season 1.The Professional Creator Program winners for season 1. 

With its creator-centered approach that highly cares, values, and empowers creators, Bilibili, an aggressive animation video platform in Southeast Asia, launched a month-long Bilibili Professional Creator Program on August 26.

Through the program, top Bilibili creators will be incentivized in a bid to enhance their willingness and overall motivation to use the Bilibili platform more. Creators from Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia are eligible to participate. Being a top-tier creator at Bilibili offers access to the platform’s enormous resources and an excellent opportunity to show off their work.

The program successfully launched its inaugural session in Indonesia in mid-June, attracting more than 2,000 participants with a total of 10,000 video submissions. The program focused on self-produced anime, anime commentary, anime plot explanation, anime derivative work and anime music videos.

The Top 3 winners from the first phase will initiate this new session in the “Bilibili Professional Creator Program.” After clinching monetary rewards, physical gifts and publicity opportunities when they won, MrAgYT, Wilbustres.official and KilmiParody are only too happy to pay it forward.

To know more about the program visit bilibili.tv or simply download Bilibili from the Google Play and App Store.

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