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Jonas Gaffud recalls deadly Itaewon stampede: ‘It got scary when I thought I would die’

Jonas Gaffud (Facebook) 

Jonas Gaffud, creative and events director for Miss Universe Philippines, and his team heaved a sigh of relief after they survived the deadly stampede in Itaewon District in Seoul, South Korea Saturday night.

“Reading all about the news now on what happened in Itaewon. It got scary when I thought I would die during the stampede. I was near an ambulance and I was hoping I could escape,” Gaffud wrote on Facebook early Sunday morning. “But I was at the end so everyone was pushing each other towards me and I was pushing against the ambulance.”

Gaffud and his team were on vacation in South Korea when they decided to go to Itaewon, a popular tourist district. He recalled the time when the stampede happened that eventually killed at least 149 people.

Jonas Gaffud (center) and his team in South Korea (Facebook) 

“I was holding Cheska Summer’s hand who was holding Mau De Leon. Then I lost both and I heard Cheska shouting: Mama!!!!! I was lost pinned against the ambulance. I did not see Vince Lenard Marcelo and Prince Argel Saycon anymore but they were struggling somewhere too. James ReyesMarv Ayao got separated from our group.

“We were actually holding each other’s hands. I was relying on my shield and sword. Then I heard another familiar voice calling me. It was Eljohn Mendoza. I told him: ano na gagawin natin?

“Then I saw a slim girl who went in between the ambulance and another car. So I just followed her. Kumasya kami. I mean pang 24 inch waistline lang kasya. And if I were caught in between the cars, at tuloy ang stampede, wala na. Miracle talaga kumasya kami eh ang kapal ng suot ko. House of Targaryen pa kunwari ang costume ko!” Jonas added.


Jonas said that it was only in their room when he watched the news he realized the graveness of the incident.

“People were calling us if we were safe. Hindi talaga namin alam yung gravity ng situation pa rin sa sobrang dami ng tao kasi. Sa taxi, yun na mga news. And back in our room, now ko lang nakita yung nangyari talaga,” he added.

Jonas also said that his group was so thankful that they were all safe as he offered condolences to the family of the victims. “I never thought it would be worse with so many people who died. I am really thankful, we were all able to get out of this situation, and my deepest condolences to the bereaved families.”

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