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Jackie Lou Blanco on Ricky Davao and their separate journey together

Jackie Lou Blanco (Facebook) 

Singer, actress, TV host and health buff Jacqueline Lourdes Blanco-Davao or popularly known as part of the royal family in showbiz as Jackie Lou Blanco is non other than Asia’s Queen of Songs, Pilita Corrales and the late Gonzalo Benitez Blanco’s daughter. Now 58 with two grandkids (ages 1 and 3) from son Kenneth Davao, she shared the joy of being a grandparent with actor, television director and husband, Ricky Davao and how they still manage to have a great relationship, living separately after more than 10 years of marriage.

“Iba ang anak, iba ang apo,” Jackie delightfully shared with Aster Amoyo, host of TicTalk with Aster Amoyo, her thoughts on being a grandparent. “I think it’s because as grandparents you’re only there to enjoy your grandchildren. You don’t have to discipline them, pagka, let’s say, malikot or sobrang ano, sabihin ko “masakit na likod ko, kunin niyo na. Rest muna ako, mamaya niyo na ibalik.” When you’re a parent kase you have to oversee everything, di ba. And I guess the fact na ‘pag nakikita mo yung apo mo, anak ito ng anak mo, I’m always in awe. Para bang “oh my gosh” diba, offspring mo na ito, diba.”

Having three children with Ricky, namely Arabella, Rikki Mae and Kenneth, daughter Arabella Davao is the only one who followed in their footsteps in showbiz. “Mini me” as Jackie calls her – having softer, physical features but still “very JLB (Jackie Lou Blanco)” as Arabella wittingly expresses. At a crossroad when Jackie and Ricky’s second-born daughter, Rikki Mae came out as a lesbian, Jackie emphasized “I had a feeling already”. Sharing details of how Rikki Mae asked to have “merienda” in Krispy Kreme, Robinsons Galleria with her after school. “Umiyak ako, not because I did not accept her but because I did not have to wonder anymore.”

Jackie Lou Blanco (right) with mom Pilita Corrales (Facebook) 

Jackie stressed that she appreciated Rikki Mae for mustering the courage to finally tell her, imagining how difficult it must have been for Rikki Mae. “Meron sila sarili nilang buhay and they have their own journey to take and, um, it’s something I needed to accept and be okay with because at the end of the day if we as parents cannot accept and withdraw, how do you expect other people to accept them?” Jackie’s heartfelt reflection on Rikki Mae coming out.

She later shared how she and Ricky made their relationship still work despite their mutual separation as co-parents – “a couple that get separated, you have to do things to lessen the blow.” A decision they both made was to live just two streets away from each other so their kids can go back and forth without having a hard time. She later stressed, “pag okay kayo, okay din ang mga bata, mas happy sila.”

“It’s a work in progress” is how Jackie described her separation with Ricky before their mutual acceptance. Jackie explained that having no controversies, speculations or reactions from both parties – “I think marami lang kase na hindi alam that we were separated already. I think people still thought that we were still together because we were still in the same house.” Separated yet friends, she reflected on how “age does that” – being happy and contented on where they (she and Ricky) stand as a separated but still legally married couple – “I just want to think of the good things in the relationship and just be grateful. Plus, the relationship will get to a better place and it will get to a better place.”

When asked about their three kids trying to get them back together, “I think deep inside they will always hope for that but will not say it.” Jackie reflected on how their children have always been supportive of their mutual understanding, living separately and how they serve as constant reminders for self- happiness – “kung saan ka happy”. On the chances of living under one roof as a married couple – “ako, whatever God’s will is, whether it is to bring Ricky and I together again, it’s not something that I will say “no” to, let’s just put it that way, if it is his will.” Jackie emphasized that such turn of events may or may not happen, whether they like it or not, in God’s perfect time – “mangyayari ng mangyayari”.

Jackie shared that she and Ricky usually celebrated Christmas divided. Christmas eve would mean early dinner with “mamita (Pilita Corrales)” and the kids at around 5-6PM followed by opening of the gifts. The kids would later go and celebrate Noche Buena with “dad Ricky” but Christmas day itself was always celebrated by everyone together.

Teary eyed, “my mom did such a great job pero there are some things kase that it’s just nice if your dad was there”, Jackie reflects on the lost moments she could have had with her dad, the late Gonzalo Blanco. Regardless, she thanks her mom every day for her love and who she is. “I want people to say that my mom raised a good daughter.” Jackie, having raised by Pilita as a single mom, praises her for enduring the hardships and for always coming from a place of love. Pilita celebrated her 85th birthday this year and Jackie recalls it as being special, Ricky having stayed the entire celebration and even sang to the birthday girl. Jackie stated that she profusely thanked Ricky as he made “mamita” so happy.

“Nasaan si Ricky sa puso mo ngayon?” was the question Aster Amoyo had to asked that made Jackie laughed hysterically. Having calmed down, she did answer that Ricky is still a part of her life. “Yes, I do. Not the way I used to but I will always have the love and respect for him. It’s a different level. It’s not a romantic love,” Jackie Lou on love with Ricky to this day. —  Jennifer Kaye M. True-Santos

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