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K-pop star IU on BF Lee Jong-suk: ‘He is reliable and cute’ 

K-pop star IU, 29, described his boyfriend, Korean actor, Lee Jong-suk, 33, as someone who is reliable and cute.

After she and Lee Jong-suk confirmed that they are in a relationship on Dec. 31, IU wrote a letter to her fans, UAENA.

K-pop star IU and Korean actor Lee Jong-suk (Instagram) 

“Those of you who saw the article today must know, but I’m dating. I’m very careful because I think UAENA, who always worries about me and wonders how I’m doing, must have been surprised, but…That’s what happened!” she said.

IU added, “I am developing good feelings with my long-time colleague by relying on each other.”

“He has been supporting me for a long time and always saying, ‘You’re awesome.’ He is also a reliable and cute person who gave me sincere encouragement,” she said about Lee Jong-suk.

“As UAENA always pays attention to me, I’m sure you feel that I’m having a good time and emotionally comfortable these days. On the other hand, one of the reasons why I’m especially proud and passionate about work is that I have a good friend who compliments me for a long time up close,” IU said.

“Since you’ve all found out, we’ll meet you quietly so that our fans don’t worry. I’m sorry to surprise you, but I’m so sorry and thankful to UAENA for congratulating me and asking me first,” she said.

“Happy New Year, everyone. In 2022, which was last year, I was so happy that we could meet again after a long time and see each other up close. I won’t be lazy again this year! I’ll do my best. Once again, happy new year UAENA,” she said.

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