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Mr. Marcos says education system ‘failed’ the children

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. on Monday said the education system has “failed” Filipino children as he vowed to do better to improve the education sector. 

“We have failed them. We have to admit that we have failed our children. And let us not keep failing them anymore. Otherwise, we will not allow them to become the great Filipinos that we know they can be,” the President said after receiving the 2023 Basic Education Report from Vice President and Education Secretary Sara Duterte-Carpio yesterday.

Vice President and Education Secretary Sara Duterte-Carpio 

“The Filipino is better than this. The children are better than this. And we cannot fail them. And that is the main motivation that we should keep in our hearts,” Mr. Marcos said.

In her report, Duterte-Carpio revealed the multiple challenges hounding the education system as she launched the so-called “MATATAG” roadmap to address the identified problems.

These problems included the lack of school infrastructure, the “cracks” in DepEd’s procurement practices, the decrease of enrollment in private schools, congestion in the K-12 curriculum, employability of senior high school graduates, and lack of support for teachers, among others.

“We will rally for an improved learning system in the country. Together, we will rally for every Filipino child,” the Vice President said.

She said MATATAG will have four critical components: MAke the curriculum relevant to produce competent and job-ready, active, and responsible citizens; TAke steps to accelerate delivery of basic education facilities and services; TAke good care of learners by promoting learner well-being, inclusive education, and a positive learning environment; and Give support to teachers to teach better.

“We know that the road will be bumpy, but our direction is clear. We know that the challenges are vast, but we Filipinos are resilient. We will overcome,” Duterte-Carpio said.

While the review of the K to 12 curriculum is still ongoing, the VP said it can be improved “by focusing on foundational skills and embedding peace competencies.”

Mr. Marcos, for his part, vowed to invest in Filipino teachers.

“Our teachers are there because it is a vocation. Teachers do not become teachers because it is their job. Teachers do not become teachers because they want to become rich. Teachers become teachers because they have to. It is a vocation,” the President said.

“We will build infrastructure that will provide our teachers, learners, and our entire academic sector with a healthy and safe environment that is conducive to learning… We will offer them multiple opportunities that meet both their personal and professional needs.”

“We will offer them the support they need in terms of resources, programs, and policies so that they can effectively perform their roles as teachers and mentors of our children,” he added.

The President also underscored the need to invest in the country’s learners, by taking advantage of new technologies to provide them with convenient and more efficient ways of learning.

“Aside from advancing their academic competencies, it is also imperative that we hone them to become to productive and responsible members of our society,” he said.

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