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Relationships abloom in Year of the Water Rabbit

The incoming Year of the Water Rabbit is shaping up to be one of the best years for business and personal relationships since the pandemic, according to Feng Shui masters.

Feng Shui expert Patrick Lim Fernandez of Yin & Yang Shop of Harmony

Feng Shui expert Patrick Lim Fernandez of Yin & Yang Shop of Harmony

Just in time for the Chinese New Year, Patrick Lim-Fernandez of the famed Yin & Yang Shop of Harmony delivered a positive outlook for the coming year, highlighting the nature of the rabbit as a spring animal.

“Last year was the year of the tiger, which is the beginning of spring. The rabbit is the height or the peak of spring so we should see reinvigoration back into the society, for what we’re calling as the new normal,” Fernandez said at a media gathering in New World Makati Hotel where they are partnering for a special Chinese New Year luncheon on January 22.

General forecast

For those looking for relationships, it’s going to be a romantic year because of the presence of what the Chinese zodiac call the Peach Blossom Star.

Interestingly, Fernandez said there are different types of flower blossoms that bloom differently. The more common cherry blossoms bloom in bunches, the plum blossoms, one by one but the peach blossoms, they grow in pairs. Because of its nature, peach blossoms were a symbol of undying love for the ancient Chinese.

“That’s why this year is good especially for the singles who want to find the one — it’s good to open up your mind, your heart, your energies. It’s also good for those in relationships — to deepen your relationships, nurture it with your loved ones,” Fernandez said.

Fernandez this can be extended to business context by deepening relationships with colleagues, business partners, and others.

Besides romance, the Year of the Water Rabbit also has the presence of strong creative energy.

“Creativity is good, you can happily use your imagination, you can brainstorm with your colleagues, with your friends to come up with new and novel ideas. So take advantage of this creative energy.”

But Fernandez cautioned that because there’s abundance of creative energy, people might actually lose focus.

“That’s because there’s also the yin water energy that can people lose focus. So don’t try to do everything all at once, choose what’s important for you or your business, and get it done.”

Lastly, in terms of overall energy, Fernandez said there’s also a nobleman or benefactor star this year. In ancient China, a noble man is someone someone with power or influence and he would be the one to give help to people.

“In this context today, this could be your boss, your superior or someone with influence or a member of a family, this could also extend to your peers or subordinates. What this means is, if you need help, don’t hesitate to ask for it. They say that acting for help is not a sign of weakness, it’s actually a sing of strength because you know that you need help and you are able to provide that.

“At the same time, because there’s this benefactor energy, try to be a benefactor or help other people even if they don’t ask for it.”

Finally, Fernadez shared which signs are generally lucky and which ones should take more caution in different areas.

“In terms of relationships, the luckier ones are this born in the year of tiger, horse and dog. Pig and snake, meanwhile should be more cautious.

“In health, pig, tiger, ox and dog signs should watch out for their health.

“In money and career areas, those born in year of the rat, rabbit, dragon and goat are the luckier ones while monkey rooster and horse should watch out.”

As usual, Fernandez reminded that Feng Shui forecasts are not set and stone and this “unlucky” signs this year can always take caution to minimize the bad energies in their charts.

“To make it simpler, an analogy we always use is it’s like a weather forecast. When you find out that it’s going to rain where you are, let’s say, going, you have the decision to change your plans, go when the rain is predicted to stop, or push through with your plan but bring rain protection,” Fernandez ended.

Salmon Yu Sheng salad, also known as the Prosperity Salad is a Chinese New Year staple for prosperity.
Salmon Yu Sheng salad, also known as the Prosperity Salad is a Chinese New Year staple for prosperity. 

— Christina Alpad

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