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The Soshal Network: Forever funny lawyers

If you are determined to laugh your way to success and happiness this 2023, we suggest tuning in to The Soshal Network (TSN) YouTube Channel. Not only you will gain knowledge on law and other matters, but you will also laugh heartily as three female lawyers find humor in anything and everything under the sun.

Lawyers and The Soshal Network girls Camille Buhain-Javier, Vivian Tan, and Faye Condez-De Sagon

TSN started as a blog in 2012, born out of a drinking session between three law school pals Camille Buhain-Javier, Vivian Tan, and Faye Condez-De Sagon.

In between alcohol sips, they started talking about blogs. In typical schoolgirl envy, Camille jokingly said “eh mas madami  kaming opinion.” Ideas started floating in the air, and before the night was over, The Soshal Network (TSN) was born.

“Hindi naman kami influencer or celebrity  na invited sa mga bongga events,” Vivian shared “but  our funny stories would be interesting, kasi kahit kami natatawa sa sarilli namin.”

The TSN blog easily rose to fame, serving as a parody of ultra-flashy bloggers who posted fabulous vacations and designer clothes. TSN is all about the good life, but instead of flaunting Chanel or Louie Vuitton, the girls dangled bags made from Good Morning towels, hair accessories made of rags, and even spoofed A-listers. Recently Camille posted her version of Heart Evangelista’s Moschino cutlery outfit complete with plastic spoons, instead of Heart’s golden utensils.

Their website is a library of funny commentaries on all topics. An entry entitled “The Soshal Climber’s Guide to Travelling” gives visual hacks so Facebook followers would think you are on a grand vacation, like posting a photo with a foreigner in the background.

They also shared how well-curated footwear photos can make it seem like you are in some winter country.  A photo of a pair of boots surrounded by snow came with the caption which reads “boots can create insta-travel feels.” But in truth, Camille was in her Cavite home, stepping on crushed ice.

Their video “Hottorneys: Pinoy lawyers who would make you want to plead guilty” is still a runaway winner, six years after it was first published. Shirtless legal professionals showing off their abs, with Camille’s schoolgirl shriek in the background, is still the hands-down favorite.

All three have been friends since their law school days. The most visible in the vlog is Camille, also known as Ms. Provinciated. She lives in Bacoor and as a child, she dreamed of joining  Little Ms. Philippines contest in Eat Bulaga. She never had a chance to join, but since she was exceptionally opinionated, her mother encouraged her to study law. If the vlog requires props or  “costumes” Camille relies on the sewing skills of her helper. “Dati, kami-kami lang nag vi-video, ngayon may tagahawak na kami , at may microphone,  asenso na di ba,” Camille added.

Vivian is Ms. Domesticated. She is a wife and mother and recently started her own law firm.  Her comical exchange with Camille (which happens almost daily) often evolves into their weekly vlog.  In the beginning, her kids would often say “why are you so silly, Mom.” But with the growing number of followers, they now happily declare, “my Mom is a  blogger.”

The most outgoing and fashionable is Faye Condez de Sagan also known as Ms. Sophisticated. She seems like the most serious in the group, but she is just as wacky. The two likes making fun of her because she is always well put together. She works in Congress, and yes, her workmates are aware of her popularity. “I am always missing in action. I just show up for the shoot and follow what they say” she joked.

The Soshal Network moved to YouTube in 2015 and continues to release a new video every week. Asked if they were ever bashed, Vivian said in jest: “Wala naman, siguro takot sila kasi mga lawyers kami.”

In their latest video, the girls visited the House of Representatives as guests of Camille’s brother, Batangas City Representative Eric Buhain. The lawmaker could not contain his laughter when they said they have some proposed bills, hoping for sponsorship. When the Congressman inquired further, Camille brought out Meralco, cable, and telco bills.

The vlog currently has 53,300 subscribers. — Tet Defensor

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