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2023 Home Interior Trends: Expect guests to say ‘wow’ with one-of-a kind but comfortable designs, decors

THE interior design trend for 2023 is about comfort and cheery expressions with a ‘wow’ factor.

This year is the time to go whimsical and playful in livening up your home with the use of various patterns, gold and glittery accessories, one-of-a-kind decors, bold textures, and vivid natural colors while maintaining your sanctuary’s luxurious look and comfortable nature.

The mood this year is joyful, full of energy and enthusiasm that the six interior design trends issued by Wilcon Depot conveys. The positive vibe these trends will display may be what you need to boost your happy hormones even more and help achieve all your goals in 2023.

According to Wilcon, “In 2023, comfort is vital” as it promised that the 2023 home trends will add satisfaction, function without sacrificing style to make your year shine.

Here are the 2023 interior design home trends according to Wilcon:

Rich and natural

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If you want to go for a relaxed and comfortable feel, the rich and natural home decor trend will give you the textures and neutral palette to bring it out.

To make your room more open and spacious, go for beige and other earth-tone palettes with rich hues and combine it with vivid natural colors. The natural accents give dynamic energy that makes any space even more inviting. This trend will give the room a luxurious feel while creating an elegant atmosphere.

Warm and neutral

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Neutrals are back. Embrace black and white and use different shades of gray to create a cozy and warm atmosphere at home. The neutrals exude a relaxed vibe while also giving your space a sense of deep calm and intimacy. 

Nature inspired

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The nature-inspired trend complements this year’s lucky colors. Organic and sustainable design with eco-inspired color schemes is also making a comeback. The sustainable design that comes with this trend boasts a luxurious ambiance and a softer palette. Together, they will bring a beautiful, calming space that attracts positive energy, a perfect vibe for your physical and mental well-being. 

Gold and glittery

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You do not have to make a major upgrade to make your space updated. A simple home decor with a touch of gold and glitter will do the trick. Gold never goes out of style and adds an instant luxe touch to any space. Add some glittery elements for a more contemporary twist and your home will look elegant and trendy in an instant. You can display a few decorative pieces or go all-out to accent other furniture. Sparkling gold pieces, big or small, are real eye-catchers. It exudes sophistication and glamor, which are always a winning combination for a home. 

Whimsical and playful

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With a playful yet sophisticated theme, homeowners can embrace a whimsical and playful aesthetic that is both kid-friendly and stylish. The trick is to combine patterns and bright colors with a statement piece or vibrant backdrop. Add quirky pieces to your space to inspire enjoyable conversation. This trend will definitely add personality and fun for 2023. 

Textured maximalist

The maximalist trend will bring you the “wow” factor. It often revolves around textures and color, with multiple prints and patterns used throughout a space. Combining textured materials introduces more visual interest and creates a more inviting environment or mix and match your colors and go asymmetric to create a room with your own imaginative, signature style. This year is the time to bring in the bold prints and patterns you have been imagining to incorporate into your space to bring out a sophisticated look yet not sacrificing the calming and serene atmosphere at home.

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According to Wilcon, “These 2023 home trends are stylish and functional at the same time and will change the way homeowners think about their home decor. Following the trends for a sleek and modern interior that makes a statement in any space from floor to ceiling, these design tips will help transform any area in the home into an elegant and sophisticated sanctuary.”Achieve these 2023 home interior trends, visit shop.wilcon.com.ph. You may also shop at any Wilcon Depot store nationwide.Explore the limitless product selections that Wilcon offers, ranging from Tiles, Sanitarywares, Plumbing, Furniture, Home Interior, Building Materials, Hardware, Electrical, Appliances, and other DIY items. 

For more information about Wilcon, you can visit www.wilcon.com.ph or follow their social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok and subscribe and connect with them on Viber Community, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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