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Colorful melodies through art

The unconventional expression of the conventional life—this is the vehement strength of Patrick Naval’s paintings.

Enigma is certainly felicitous to this artist’s first solo exhibit. Call it sorcery, if you will, as he has an adept mastery of mixing intricate and multiple elements in perfect harmony. Overabundance of visual sensory, yet never overwhelming.

Patrick thrives in Abstract Impressionism and Cubism, using acrylics, oil paintings, soft pastels, watercolors, or whatever material is at hand. His artworks are colorful melodies of structure, fluid shapes, and curves, subtle with a touch of intensity, and fantastical with a whiff of actuality.

Truth be told, you want to relish it more as it builds a sense of wanting to see more, to know more, to recollect more, to feel more.

Discover, witness, and acquire more of Patrick’s paintings at the Grove in Resorts World from March 10 to 24, 2023 for the benefit of KLIK Mobile Education.

Credit belongs to : www.mb.com.ph

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