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Here’s how to deal with your first-date nerves, according to celebrities

We all know a first date can be pretty daunting

Let’s admit it, going on a date is always an exciting experience. It makes you smile and look at things through rose-tinted glasses, especially during the pre-date days. But it also has its way of playing with your mind. It makes you nervous and anxious, particularly if it is your first date. These unwanted feelings can make you do regrettable choices before and during the special moment.

To help you with your first-date dilemma, we asked a few Filipino celebrities how to make your experience less intimidating, more memorable, and truly romantic.

Never overthink things

Very often than not, when people are nervous that’s when the overthinking takes place. As for Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach, taking things easy and being able to step back can help you manage your first-date jitters. “I know, first date, nakakakaba talaga iyan (it can be pretty scary) and you can feel a lot of pressure,” she says. “But try not to overdo it. Don’t overdress, don’t put on too much makeup, and don’t overthink—just have fun. You want them to like you for you.”

Pia Wurtzbach

Manage your expectations

With all the romantic scenes depicted on screen, we tend to have these images of how we want our first date to look. Model and beauty queen Maureen Wroblewitz’s advice are to manage your expectations and just be in the moment. “Don’t take it too seriously,” she notes. “Valentine’s Day is all about love. It’s a first date, so you don’t need to have all these expectations and enjoy the time with the one you’re with.”

Maureen Wroblewitz

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself—and on your date

All this thinking of perfecting everything can put a lot of pressure on you, and worst, on your partner. Sometimes the best experiences are the unplanned ones during a date, according to actress Gabby Padilla. So let loose, be yourself, and go with the flow. “Focus on what’s important and why you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, in general, which is to get to know the person,” she muses. “Don’t get caught up with the optics and how will it look on Instagram. Just enjoy the moment.”

Gabby Padilla

Happy Valentine’s Day y’all! — John Legaspi

Banner photo by Khoa Võ.

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