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Director of K-drama ‘The Glory’ accused of school violence while he was studying in PH

Ahead of the release of the finale of “The Glory,” which deals with bullying, the director of the hit Korean drama has been accused of school violence which allegedly happened while he was studying in high school in the Philippines.

“The Glory” stars Song Hye-kyo as Moon Dong-eun who takes revenge against those who bullied her in high school. The finale will be released on March 10.

Korean actress Song Hye-kyo (left) and director Ahn Gil-ho during “The Glory” press conference in Seoul on March 10 (Netflix) 


“The Glory” finale will stream on Netflix on March 10 (Netflix) 

It is directed by Ahn Gil-ho (안길호), who is now facing accusations of school violence that he allegedly did while he was a senior high school student in the Philippines.

A Korean posted in an online Korean community on March 10, hours before the release of “The Glory,” and accused Ahn Gil-ho of being a perpetrator of school violence.

Titled “‘The Glory’ drama PD [production director], perpetrator of school violence,” the person said, “It happened in 1996 when I was studying abroad in the Philippines.”

“Producer Ahn Gil-ho was a high school senior at a local school in the Philippines at the time, and we, who were assaulted, were middle school students at an international school,” the person said.

He added, “Because there were different schools and grades, even in the same Filipino Korean community, most of our classmates did not know who Ahn Gil-ho was.”

“At that time, most of our classmates had grown up since childhood in the Philippines, so the concept of a strict senior-junior relationship in Korea was not great. Everyone was just an older brother, sister, or younger brother. However, after the incident (the assault) occurred in my second year of middle school, a big change began to occur in the school,” he claimed.

The accuser said, “At the time, our grade started to know PD Ahn Gil-ho when he started dating a girl from our class. I only knew that he was an older brother playing at another school, but I didn’t know much else.”

“My classmates made fun of my female classmate about a high school senior dating a second-year middle school student, and Ahn Gil-ho, who found out about it, called two of our classmates to represent us,” he added.

According to him, “He asked a senior in high school who went to the same international school to bring us, but when we refused several times, the senior in high school threatened us saying, “If I don’t take you again this time, I’ll die” and took us to a deserted corner in a neighborhood close to outside the school.”

“At that time, I was so nervous and afraid, I don’t know exactly how many people there were, but there were about 10 or so brothers there, including PD Ahn Gil-ho. That’s when we started getting beat up and asking who else was teasing,” he said.

He added, “When we didn’t answer, the beating continued, and in the middle PD Ahn Gil-ho laughed at us and told the others there, ‘Bring a knife. I’ll stab you.’ He even made threats.”

“By the time I got back to school, it had been a little over two hours. I remember the time precisely because I returned a little before the end of the after-school sports team training,” he said.

He further claimed, “After that, under PD Ahn Gil-ho’s instructions, male students in my grade were often beaten by school seniors.

“Until then, he was just a hyung [older ‘brother’] who grew up with me since I was young, but after that, there were friends who were beaten for not having manners and for not greeting him properly,” he said.

“How can a person who did this be a drama producer who shamelessly deals with school violence? I don’t know if it’s true that the perpetrators don’t remember over time… I’m posting this because it doesn’t have any meaning.

“I don’t know if it’s true that the perpetrators don’t remember over time…I’m posting this because it makes no sense,” he said.

As a response, Ahn Gil-ho denied it and told Korean media on March 10, “There was no such thing.”

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