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Elevate everyday dining with these simple cooking ideas

Foodies make a feast for the senses with these fresh eats made with Campbell’s, Dak, and Prego

It always feels like a reward to enjoy a feast for the senses. Mouth-watering eats need not be complicated when you have premium ingredients to make everything as simple as 1-2-3. Check out these must-try recipes on every dining table, made possible by Campbell’s canned soups, Dak canned meats, and Prego canned sauces.

Carbonara pizza and pork chops with cream of mushroom by Shine Dee

These creamy meals will definitely bring delight as they evoke rich traditions and modern twists combined. Pizza usually gets paired with carbonara anyway, so why not make them one? The cream of mushroom compliments the natural flavor of the pork chops, giving the recipe a savory taste. Both kids and adults will enjoy these favorites elevated by the cream of mushroom soup and carbonara sauce.

Ham katsu ala king and parmigiana by Tine Cargullo

Enjoy your crispy ham katsu with two different sauces for a unique experience that is meant to be shared with your loved ones. The crispy ham katsu will surely be a hit among kids! This recipe is even made more fun because of 2 sauces that add flavor and provide a different experience. Try both sauces for maximum enjoyment.

Chicken parmigiana with creamy mushroom pasta by Kath and Gene

Bring in your loved ones to make these dishes with you with the sauce from Prego! These meals are best made with someone to share them with! The traditional sauce creates a unique tasting experience for the chicken parmigiana and the creamy mushroom pasta goes with it so perfectly.

Stuffed shrimp thermidor by Cathrena Chen

Cook good ham by Dak to elevate the taste of your stuffed shrimp thermidor. Seafood always brings a good mood. Cooking your shrimp thermidor with ham adds bite-sized flavor boosts designed to bring your mood from good to best.

Ham and mushroom lasagna by Jan Pingol

Open something good with the classic flavor of Campbell’s as you make this recipe a reality. Ham and mushrooms are already classic favorites. Throw in the beloved ingredients with your lasagna and make good memories you’ll surely remember.

You deserve to enjoy a feast of these fresh eats! All of these recipes are made amazing by the three brands from Benby Group of Companies. Shop for Campbell’s, Dak, and Prego online via Benby’s official store or on Lazada for a more convenient grocery experience.

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