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James Reid speaks up against rumors about Issa Pressman

JAMES Reid has defended singer and social media influencer Issa Pressman after being bombarded by netizens following their posts appearing to confirm their relationship circulated online.

The two personalities sparked dating rumors anew after they posted a series of photos from Harry Styles’ recent concert at the Philippine Arena. In one of the clips, Pressman, an artist under Reid’s record label Careless, posted a photo where they were seen taking a mirror selfie while holding hands. At the same time, they also uploaded a solo snapshot of each other on their respective Instagram accounts.

“I’m gonna say this once. The past rumors about Issa are just that, rumors. I usually never address bashers or get involved in hate culture but I feel the need to speak up now because this is the start of something beautiful. And I’m not gonna let anyone take that from me,” Reid on Friday said on his social media accounts.

“To my fans, all you need to know from me is that I’m the happiest I’ve been,” he added.

This is not the first time the two have been rumored to be dating. In January 2020, Pressman was accused of being the third party in the relationship of Reid and Nadine Lustre who broke up that year. Some netizens even found clips of the two allegedly kissing behind Lustre at one party.

Actress and dancer Yassi Pressman defended her sister and released a statement about the cheating allegations.

Showing a photo of them and Lustre, the older Pressman wrote, “This was me and Nadz last night, watching how some of us become cruel over untrue statements. Initially we all laughed about how crazy the things that woke us up yesterday were, and then…. they started getting out of hand. That’s not right.”

“We decided to post something because cyber-bullying is not okay, it is never okay.Be careful with the words you say, and things you think are true on social media.They’re not always the truth. Do not be so quick to point fingers, when you do not have the proper information,” she added.

To which Lustre commented, “Love you both,” while Reid said, “Sorry you girls got dragged into this.”

Issa Pressman also followed up a short statement. She wrote at that time, “If I stay silent, I’m ‘guilty.’ If I stand up for myself, I’m ‘defensive.’ The world judges either way. But to end it here and now, everything is 100 percent false. #ThinkBeforeYouClick.”

With these unearthly “receipts,” a lot of netizens were saying the public was gaslighted about the cheating issue of Reid. Others also compared it to the drama of singer Justin Bieber, his wife Hailey and his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Since her breakup with Reid, Lustre has moved on and started a relationship with French-Filipino entrepreneur Christophe Bariou. — Iza Iglesias

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