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Liza Soberano opens up on relationship with parents

“Your grandparents took care of you when you were younger. May resentment ka ba sa parents mo since they should be the ones taking care of you?”

This is what Bea Alonzo asked Liza Soberano in her recent vlog.

The 25-year-old star answered in the affirmative.


This prompted Bea to ask Liza if she already talked about it with her parents.

But the young actress related she never had that type of relationship with her parents, John Castillo Soberano and Jacqulyn Elizabeth Hanley.

“When I talk to them now, I talk to them like a friend. I don’t talk to them like a child,” she maintained.

Liza also reiterated: “If I just bring up the resentment and everything, it won’t get resolved din naman because the situation won’t change. I guess, there would be peace in my heart but I feel content with whatever it is that I have.”

Bea also asked Liza if her grandparents’ opinions are more important than that of her parents, particularly when making big decisions.

According to Liza, her grandparents do give their opinion, but they let her decide.

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“Like, when I started out with showbiz, yung grandpa ko, he was against it kasi I told him when I was young I wanted to be a doctor tapos parang na-sad siya na I wasn’t going to be a doctor anymore,” she explained.

When asked if she put on hold some plans taking on the role of breadwinner, Liza answered, “Oh yeah, a lot.”

“All the stuff that I… the personal stuff I want for myself, like, living in my own place or like just personal luhos like buying bags,” she said. “Or cars; yeah, I don’t I don’t invest in those types of stuff. Every time I buy a bag, I have to think like if it’s worth it for me to spend that much money on something when it could be going to something else.”

As for the “most expensive” thing she ever bought for herself, Liza shared that it was her personal car, though she sold it recently.

They also discussed Liza’s blended family setup.

Liza admitted she is not close with all of her half-siblings.

“So there’s four of us on my dad’s side and eight of us on my mom’s side. As much as I want to be close to them, they’re adults now. Lalo na my sister after Justin, my brother. And I feel like there’s, like, a barrier.”

Recall that Liza spent her childhood years in California with her mother before moving to Manila at age 10 to live with his father.

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