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Pinoys in ‘Plane’ express disappointment over lawmakers’ criticism of film

Filipino actors who worked in the controversial action flick “Plane” expressed sadness and disappointment over the reaction of some PH senators as led by actor Robin Padilla relating the film as supposedly depicting “the Armed Forces of the Philippines, and our government” in a bad light.

In an interview with “TV Patrol,” actors Mark Labella, Jeff Francisco, and Clarrel Pope, maintained they didn’t see it that way. They were simply excited with the film inasmuch as it allowed Pinoy actors and stuntmen to shine on a global scale.

“For me, it was just a fun film,” said Mark. “I’m so proud of every single person that I see on screen. I see Jeff, I see Clarrel’s work. When I see all these Pinoys doing Pinoy martial arts I’m like, dude, we have been fighting for representation for so long. I don’t care if it’s good or bad or neutral. I see myself on-screen. That’s cool.”

Jeff, who admitted to growing up watching Robin’s film, shared his disappointment with the film eventually being pulled out by its distributors.

He said, “I grew up in the Philippines and you know, I’ve had some kind of exposure to Filipino cinema. For me it’s kind of disappointing, especially coming from Robin Padilla because he is a pillar in the action film genre in the Philippines and I grew up watching him. There are stunt men and performers and acting in this movie was just top-tier you know, Evan Dane Taylor, Claro de los Reyes, they brought on such a great performance (as with) all the (other) stuntmen. (They) just made it so believable.”

Jeff related how hard it was for him and his ilk to get a job in Hollywood.

“I remember there were times when I would audition in Hollywood years ago, when I first started auditioning, there would only be one Asian character and all Asians in Hollywood were going for that one role,” he said.

“And to be in a movie like this where there’s multiple Asian roles, both on the good side and on the bad side, and to see friends of mine that I’ve really been friends with for such a long time, like Bryan Cartago, and we got to be in this movie together and we’re no longer fighting for that one role, we’re here collaborating with one another, to me that’s the work that these critics are not seeing.”

Clarrel added, “To be in this with Jeff and Mark and all these other Filipinos, it was phenomenal. So I was very proud as a stunt performer to see that representation, as well as on the acting side.”

Robin continues to justify his stance concerning the film.

Just recently, he stated, “As an actor, definitely I support all workers in the industry. Citizenship is not the issue – it has never been and it will never be. (But) when racism is present in a film and when our country is misrepresented, we have no choice but to defend our country and our people. This is true especially in my case, as chairman of the Senate committee on public information and mass media.” He made clear he is open to actually endorsing the film if and when “changes are made and they are found to be satisfactory.”

Note the Directors Guild Of The Philippines Inc (DGPI) also opposed his move.

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