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Camille Prats and her latest anti-aging treatment reveal

Skin tightening and muscle toning in one session

Skin aging is inevitable. Over the years, many companies have addressed this concern. What most do not solve with their treatments is the problem of losing muscle tone. Lifting the skin can only do so much. The underlying problem of aging is the decrease of muscles that lead to sagging and wrinkles. 

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Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovations recently launched the first and only needle-free device, Emface. It addresses both the health of the skin and muscle in one single treatment—and it only takes 20 minutes with no downtime. 

This machine emits two energies—synchronized Radiofrequency (RF) that heats the dermis and increases collagen levels and elastin fibers, while HIFES contracts muscles and increases the quality of the muscle structure. Thereby, lifting facial tissues.

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The clinic’s endorser, Camille Prats, was at the media launch. When asked for her review about the treatment, she said that she could hardly feel it and would end up sleeping. There is also no pre- and post-preparations involved, making this a fast treatment to squeeze into one’s busy schedule. 

Dra. Khaycee Reyes, founder of Luminisce also shared her personal experience, saying that there she felt herself smiling while having the treatment. The muscles are contracted in a lifting method, making one smile involuntarily. Minimal heat sensation might also be experienced, but it is manageable. 

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Camille has completed the recommended number of Emface treatments. Not only does she personally feel the difference in her face, even her followers were asking for her to share her beauty regimen as they all noticed the difference, too! Studies have also revealed the this treatment can give an estimate of 23 percent lift and 30 percent increase in muscle tone—delivering tighter skin, reduced wrinkles which results to younger-looking skin. 

“It is extremely important for us at Luminisce to bring the latest skincare technology to our patients,” says Dr Khaycee. “Emface is a non-invasive yet powerful treatment that provides facial rejuvenation through a unique set of synergistic effects. We are very proud to offer Emface and add this technology to our clinics at Luminisce.” — Jane Kingsu-Cheng

For more details, visit Luminisce’s website.

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