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Fatherhood in the age of digital technology

What does being a father mean? Society perceives a father’s role into three parts: the protector, the provider, and the disciplinarian. But as the world entered the modern age where technology and new ideas reign, the image of a father changed. Today, we see fathers who embrace their emotions and teach their children to express themselves wholeheartedly.

But regardless of their philosophies or parenting approach, their love for their children, with a little help from technological advances, trumps all odds.

Leaving the Philippines to work overseas was no easy feat for Fernando Racho Sr., fondly called Nanding by his loved ones. But for his family in Cebu, he took on the responsibility of being the breadwinner. Still, he doesn’t let distance keep him from staying in touch with his family.

PATERNAL LOVE. Digital art card shows a photo of a father playing with his two sons on top of a slide at the Children’s Park in Luneta Park ahead of Father’s Day today. Photo by Norman Cruz, Art by Glenn Mark Abonita 

Nanding learned the ins and outs of technology and invested in durable smartphones and reliable roaming plans so he can communicate with his family easily.

“As an OFW, smartphones and finding the right plan has been a great help for me. I’m literally one call away whenever my children need me, whether to celebrate wins or share their burdens,” he said.

A father of three, Nanding raised his children with kindness, humor, and patience. He taught them how to be independent while still staying connected through technology.

Another example of a modern father is JP Correa, a registered nurse by profession. With a demanding career such as his, technology plays a relevant role in his parenting style.

Being a nurse means Correa has to work numerous shifts around the clock and remain attentive to his patients’ needs. With wireless technology, he can see what his kids are up to even if he’s not there at the moment.

“The greatest challenge for single dads today is balancing work responsibilities with the need to care for our children. Kids nowadays adapt to technology faster than adults, making it satisfying that we can connect with them through social media. Wireless connectivity, like using CCTV cameras with microphones and smartphones, enhances our ability to communicate with them,” Correa said.

As the world continues to change and technology advances, fathers learn to adapt and engage to find more ways to connect with their children.

And with this new level of connection comes even greater responsibility. Fathers also learn to become more mindful and ensure they set a good example both offline and online.

— Angelica Villanueva and Patricia Taculao


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