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Cristine Reyes deserves another chance at love

THERE’S always another chance at love. If one fails the first time, it doesn’t mean he or she should stop falling in love all over again, let alone the end of the world.

After all, being in love — no matter how many times — sets no limits.

One credible celebrity authority to this is Ara Mina. Disregard all her past relationships before Bulacan Mayor Patrick Meneses came into her life (which produced a beautiful daughter), what would matter more now is the fact that Ara has finally found Mr. Right in the person of Dave Almarinez.

Ara Mina endured failed relationships before eventually finding husband Dave Almarinez. So why would naysayers take a jab at Cristine Reyes for admitting her new romance with Marco Gumabao? INSTAGRAM PHOTOS/THEREALARAMINA AND GUMABAOMARCOAra Mina endured failed relationships before eventually finding husband Dave Almarinez. So why would naysayers take a jab at Cristine Reyes for admitting her new romance with Marco Gumabao? INSTAGRAM PHOTOS/THEREALARAMINA AND GUMABAOMARCO

It may well be said that Ara embodies the realization of what a life partner Dave has always dreamt of and prayed for.

As Ara puts it, not because her previous relationship was a failure means no better future awaited her.

This is the same belief that Ara adheres to in the case of her younger sister Cristine Reyes.

At the moment, Cristine and Marco Gumabao have been going steady for nearly three months.

“So far, so good” may well best describe their romantic relationship.

It’s no secret this side of showbiz that Cristine and Ali Khatabi were a couple before Mark came into the picture. Their liaison albeit short-lived produced a daughter they named Amarrah.

The first to have issued a stamp of approval to Cristine’s romance with Marco — who’s a couple of years her junior — was Ara.

Coming from the same experience, Ara is aware of the fact that her younger sister after all deserves to find her own happiness — and yes, regardless of age difference.

Netizens, however, take it as Cristine having eaten her words.

Seemingly unhappy for Cristine — out of sheer resourcefulness — these naysayers have dredged up a video clip of the actress’ 2019 guesting on “Tonight With Boy Abunda.”

To spice up the interview, Boy subjected Cristine to a fun segment called ‘Jojowain o Totropahin.’

Boy rattled off such names of the actors while Cristine chose which ones she’d like to have for a possible boyfriend or simply as a friend.

Boy’s mere mention of Marco Gumabao’s name became a bit too unsettling for his guest, Cristine’s face hardly lit up.

Cristine swore she and Marco were friends, giving the viewers the impression she wasn’t a sucker for younger men.

“I am not ac cougar, am I?” she retorted.

Fast forward. It was on April 24 when Marco made a public admission on social media that he and Cristine were already a couple. Next thing was, Ara told the press at a mediacon for her new lifestyle show on Net25 how she admired Marco for being forthright to say so.

The netizens have since taken the short video clip against Cristine. We ought to remember that the video clip was culled from Cristine’s 2019 guesting, which was some three years o so ago. Between then and April of 2023, so many things inevitably happened.

Cristine’s spur-of-the-moment non-preference-for- younger-men statement didn’t mean she was lying through her teeth. After all, she told on air there really existed friendship between her and Marco that time.

Perhaps, had Boy paraphrased his question by asking if there stood a chance that she and Marco could hit it off, at the very least, Cristine would have been honest to say “Possible” or “Let’s see” or “I’ll cross the bridge when I get there.”

Of course, Boy had to contend with too little time to shoot rapid fire questions.

As for Cristine having eaten her words is unfair to say — on Marco’s and on her part.

It’s all the more relieving to know that Cristine and Marco’s relationship is anchored on friendship. At least, they’re already well aware of each other’s quirks.

We all know that enduring relationships are a rara avis in showbiz — pray tell me, just how many celebrity couples — married or otherwise — gave themselves a chance to discover each other?

Here’s hoping Cristine has found a “Dave Almarinez” in her life.

* * *

GUESS WHO? This title-conscious chanteuse (TCC) won’t go up the stage to perform unless her stellar moniker precedes her name when announced aloud on mic.

In many a fiesta in the province, the TCC always gets invited as the main performer. As such, she is the last to perform. Once the emcee proudly introduced her, however, forgetting to mention her title.

Despite repeated announcements, the TCC wouldn’t go centerstage even if she was just waiting for her cue backstage.

It was only when the TCC’s personal assistant ran towards the stage and whispered to the emcee did the latter reintroduce the event’s guest, this time with her title before the name.

Her title is always music to her ears. Big deal.

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