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Setting the standard for exquisite and eco-friendly columbariums

Filipinos have always celebrated the lives and memories of their dearly departed in a time-honored way: providing them with serene and tranquil memorial parks as their final resting places. After all, nothing trumps beautifully landscaped and verdant gardens for evoking eternal peace. In these solemn, contemplative settings, families are inspired to fondly reminisce on happy times spent with loved ones who have gone ahead.

Such is how Golden Haven gained prominence in the Philippine deathcare industry through the years. As the country’s foremost developer of the most beautiful memorial parks, Golden Haven has also become its most trusted provider of premium deathcare services.

The Aero Columbarium of Golden Haven Norzagaray is inspired from the Jardin Tropicale and the Amazon tropical rainforest

In an era marked by evolving memorial practices, Golden Haven remains at the forefront of constant innovation, this time offering columbariums as a sensible and environmentally friendly option to Filipinos who earnestly seek a most meaningful way to honor their loved ones. To accommodate their sentiments, Golden Haven presents its columbariums as graceful and personalized spaces for remembrance and reflection.

And because columbariums occupy less space on memorial grounds, Golden Haven plans to continuously venture into vertical memorials, integrating eco-friendly practices as they support a greener future.

To date, Golden Haven now touts some of the most exceptional columbariums across the country. One is the Santuario De San Ezekiel Moreno Columbarium in the city of Las Piñas. Located beneath the church of Santuario de San Ezekiel Moreno, this columbarium features three phases with 700 columbary vaults each, offering a total of 2,100 units housed within the church.

Meanwhile, the Aero Columbarium of Golden Haven Norzagaray stands out for its stunning architecture. This dome structure takes inspiration from the Jardin Tropicale and the Amazon tropical rainforest. A mural at the columbarium beautifully conveys the serene beauty of a tropical jungle and puts visitors in a tranquil state of mind.

While Golden Haven’s memorial parks in Ceu and San Fernando likewise boast strikingly designed columbariums, these are not the only vertical memorial spaces offered at the parks. Golden Haven Iloilo and Zamboanga, for example, provide ossuaries as an alternative, while its flagship project in Las Piñas has both ossuaries and memorial alcoves.

Indeed, with its modern columbariums, Golden Haven once more affirms its premier status in deathcare services and sets the bar for eternal remembrance redefined.

Credit belongs to : www.manilastandard.net

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