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The intuitive mindscapes of Roger Rishab Tibon

Guardian of Virtue

Art Lounge Manila presents Wondrosity, a thought-provoking exhibition by renowned artist Roger Rishab Tibon. Delve into the depths of human cognition and intuition, exploring the intricate inner workings of the mind.

Through a captivating series of paintings, Tibon takes viewers on a visual journey that transcends conventional artistic practices, inviting them to embrace the interplay between conscious and unconscious thoughts.


At the core of Wondrosity lies “Mind Nodes,” a term coined by Tibon to represent focal points of mental activity and intuitive connections. Inspired by the philosophy of “no sketching,” Tibon has adopted an innovative “intuitive painting” approach, which allows him to bypass preconceived designs and directly channel his creative energy onto the canvas. This unfiltered, spontaneous method of expression results in an incongruous juxtaposition of forms and ideas, reflecting the unpredictable nature of human thought.

Wondrosity is a celebration of the human mind’s boundless capacity for creativity, imagination, and introspection. Through his masterful use of color and form, Tibon invites viewers to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, transcending the boundaries of everyday reality and embracing the enigmatic realm of intuition.

Golden Vision

The exhibition runs until July 15 at Art Lounge Manila-Molito in Alabang, Muntinlupa City. For more information visit the Art Lounge Manila website www.artloungemanila.com

Credit belongs to : www.manilastandard.net

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