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The secret to Gelli and Ariel’s lasting marriage

BEFORE deciding to settle down, Ariel Rivera and Gelli de Belen were boyfriend-girlfriend for five years. As a church-blessed couple, they have been together for a good 25 years. What is interestingly quaint about their marriage — believe it or not — is that not once have they had a major spat.

Geli shares, “We never cursed or threw things at each other!”

Married for 25 years now, the showbiz couple never had a major spat. INSTAGRAM PHOTO/GELLIDEBELENMarried for 25 years now, the showbiz couple never had a major spat. INSTAGRAM PHOTO/GELLIDEBELEN

Like any normal unmarried couple, she and Ariel had their fair share of quarrels, “When we were not yet married, I admit I was the confrontational type. I would never stop hounding him until I got answers from him, like ‘Why is it like this?’ I would just keep talking, as if I was talking to no one. Only then did I realize his point when we got married.”

Gelli concedes to the fact that her husband has an assuringly calmer way of getting problems sorted out, “It’s not that he never wants to explain himself, he just doesn’t want to meet my anger head-on. Ariel always tells me it’s not what you say but how you say it. Maybe that’s the secret why we’ve managed to stay this long.”

The manner by which Ariel deals with problems of whatever nature is — according to Gelli — also what he teaches their two children.

“Of course, eventually our kids will get married. What Ariel wants, as much as possible, is for our boys to take a cue from him,” the then-self-confessed intractable spouse Gelli says.

The actress feels fortunate enough that the longer their marriage is, the deeper is her understanding what any domestic partnership should be like.

In a way, Gelli veers away from the usual way to resolve marital kinks.

“I don’t believe in the saying that couples should resolve any issues before they go to bed to. Why wait until before you retire to bed? Why can’t you talk things over now to put an end to it? But again, you have to keep your cool. Ariel believes that problems get solved with cooler heads.”

The good thing, Gelli reveals, about their 25-years-of-marriage-and-still-counting is that their five-year BF-GF period allowed them the opportunity to get really acquainted with each other’s idiosyncrasies.

“It made it easier for both of us because we already knew each other, unlike other couples who only see their true behavior after getting married. In our case, it was like cards on the table. What you see is what you get,” Gelli explains.

Hopefully, Ariel and Gelli stick together till they reach their golden year!

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GUESS WHO? Thanks to a cheaper oral medicine, this former matineè idol (FMI) has fully recovered from a life-threatening ailment.

I was surprised to see FMI myself on a video as he talked about the wonder pill’s benefits.

“Before, my face was twisted. I also had slurred speech. Now, I’m okay! I can joke around again,” the FMI bragged.

The reason why he subscribed to the red-colored pill was, “I couldn’t afford to get myself stem cell treatment. I don’t have the money” he lamented.

People who had since followed FMI’s career can’t help but ask: isn’t he getting any support from his brother, himself also a former heartthrob who is seen via a daily action-packed teleserye?

Looks like zilch. Woe is this FMI.

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