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Pops Fernandez: Embracing change, chasing new dreams

Pops Fernandez is returning to the limelight.

The singer-actress recently inked a management contract with Viva Artist Agency (VAA).

Asked as to what motivated her latest comeback, Pops emphasized the need for self-improvement and growth.

She appreciates the fact that she’s going into it being able to make her own decisions, unlike when she was younger when others made choices for her.

Apparently, Pops was only too willing to be led before, admitting, “Dati kasi takot na takot ako mag-decide for myself.”

“Now, it’s like ‘Oh, I have voice and I can plan and decide on my own.”

Note that Pops actually attempted to retire from the ‘biz several times, but it keeps pulling her back in, with clamors for performances here and abroad.

After experiencing the thrill of performing, she had a realization: “This is really where I want to be.”

Excitement rekindled, she told herself, “Sige, I want to work some more habang kaya ko pa, habang may energy pa ako… Why not?'”

However, she emphasized the importance of taking breaks once in a while, especially when feeling pressured or going through a tough time.

“Minsan kasi it’s the pressure that gets you, lalo na kapag may pinagdadaanan ka, ma-pe-pressure ka ng industry. Siyempre tao lang tayo,” she reasoned.

It is during these breaks that Pops re-evaluate her path.

She would ask herself: “Ano ba talaga? Gusto ko ba talaga ito? Do I really like what I’m doing? Or am I really meant to be here?”

The answer? A resounding “Oo naman.”

Pops is eager to face new challenges.

Currently, she’s “learning” and “discovering,” relating how the entertainment landscape has evolved significantly.

She points to aspiring artists of today having it easier.

“Mas madali ngayon sa mga bata to be noticed, for their songs to be heard via digital platforms. They’re very, very lucky. Dati kasi kami pahirapan i-play ang kanta.”

Pops also observed a shift towards singer-songwriters who actually produce and market their own songs.

“I-upload nila yan (sa social media), nagandahan ang kanilang followers, nagiging automatic million views,” she said.

The 56-year-old can’t help but reflect, “Dati bago ma-notice it’s hard work. Lalo na if you want to make it internationally. Ngayon, parang mas madali dahil ang daming ways to be noticed and to get there.”

She warmly welcomes social media, recognizing its role in modern promotion.

“This is a totally different medium but I do welcome all this digital stuff, all this new social media stuff because iba na rin ang way of promotion ngayon. Dati kasi magpapa-guest ka sa (TV and radio) and all that.”

Pops remembers past recording process, where precision and hard work were crucial.

“Dati kasi hardwork talaga e. Pagsinabing recording, kapag mali e take it from the top. Talagang aaralin mo yung kanta. Minsan na-aral mo na pero wala namang feelings, so papaulit sayo.”

Nevertheless, Pops underscores the significance of these experiences.

“Because it honed our professionalism and it honed our artistry. Madami akong natutunan du’n,” she related.

She reminisced about those late nights in the recording studio, driven by a producer’s quest for perfection.

“It’s nakakapagod. It takes a lot of time. But madami akong natutunan. I like that experience. I’m glad na na-experience ko yun kasi ibang-iba na ngayon.”

In any case, she’s open to collaborating with a younger generation of musicians.

Pops believes it will contribute to her growth as an artist.

Regarding her acting career, Pops is open-minded.

Teased if she is willing to something that involves a May-December storyline, she quipped, “Parang true to life.”

Of course, Pops’ past romances with younger men including Jomari Ylanna, is no secret.

She continued, “Of course. Why not? I think that will be something I never experienced, keme… Why not. Sure.”

How about intimate scenes and such?

“Kailangan yung babagay naman and ma-accept pa rin ng tao na gagawin ko siguro. Magiging lolly (grandmother) na ako so dapat yung babagay.” — Stephanie Bernardino


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