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Look: The beaches are on a break

By VIANCA GAMBOA At the start of this new decade, forecasts claimed 2020 would be a flourishing year. Not until January dropped bombs here and there, from the Australian wildfires to the Taal volcanic eruption, and down-spiraled into one whole cataclysmic year in just three months (we rest our case, we are very tired) with […]

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FAQS about traveling amid the COVID-19 outbreak

By VIANCA GAMBOA What happens during the community quarantine? Will we be able to travel? During the lockdown, or specifically addressed as a community quarantine, the government is curbing domestic land, sea, and air travel to and from Metro Manila from March 15 to April 14. This limits transport and bars people from leaving the […]

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Look: Venice canals appear crystal clear amid lockdown

By VIANCA GAMBOA Now may not be the best time to ponder on what the world looks like without humans over hundreds of cases succumbing to COVID-19 but, as the world quarantines, the earth seems to be taking its much-needed break from population traffic and carbon footprint. This speaks volumes for major tourist spots like […]

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German Embassy rolls out #BAHAYnihanIsTheNewBAYANihan, and we’re all for it

By VIANCA GAMBOA The #QuarantineSeason really got everyone’s creative juices flowing and we have seen everything—Tiktok compilations of first, second, third day on quarantine, memes that bang between witty fun and chaotic evil, DIY face masks, Innovate Your Sardines… the list goes on. Speeding right past the clever department is German Embassy as it joins the […]

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How the World is Fighting COVID-19

By VIANCA GAMBOA The pandemic brought about an economic and tourism crisis among 100 countries, but it has particularly taken its toll on people’s safety, with almost 164,000 cases recorded worldwide. The rising number of public figures and celebrities testing positive for COVID-19 also proves that the virus spares no one. In a 21st century public […]

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No hotel operations for now amid COVID-19 outbreak

By VIANCA GAMBOA Hotels, resorts, and similar establishments will pause operations in strict accordance with the Enhanced Community Quarantine until April 14 to contain the COVID-19 outbreak, but there will be exceptions. In a press briefing held by Inter-Agency Task Force last Tuesday night, March 17, Cabinet Sec. Karlo Nograles said that hotels and similar establishments are prohibited to […]

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Free bus service for health workers: Guide to pick-up points and routes

On Monday, March 16, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte placed the whole of Luzon under an enhanced community quarantine amid the rising threat of COVID-19. Under the proclamation, which will be enforced until April 14, strict home quarantine in all households will be observed, mass public transportation is suspended, the provision for food and essential health […]

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