The multi-awarded actress, however, wouldn’t divulge who between her kids Quezon City Representative Arjo and Ria Atayde will soon tie the knot. Presently, Arjo and fianceè Maine Mendoza are engaged; Ria and beau Zanjoe Marudo are far from marking their altar date.

So, are the baby’s clothes Sylvia bought for her grandchild by Arjo?

The actress still wouldn’t talk.

“I told them to give me a grandchild when I reach the age of 50,” Sylvia who turns 52 this May 19 shares her stern order.

Albeit her refusal to name which child, it’s pretty obvious that it’s Arjo who’ll soon get hitched.

Prior to their engagement, Sylvia was very open in welcoming Maine as the latest addition to the Atayde family. Arjo would tag Maine along to heartwarming family celebrations, and vice versa.

Mostly intimate family dinners, Arjo and Maine would sit right next to Sylvia. It appears that Sylvia has found an “heiress apparent” to her secret recipe.

“I have many friends who kept asking for my recipe but I told them I would just cook for them because, sorry, the recipe is now Maine-exclusive.”

This early, we can say that Maine is destined to marry a man whose family loves to eat. Sylvia’s roots in her native Agusan del Norte province very well explain her gastronomic appetite.

“Pork is really cheap in my hometown so every day, we’d eat roasted pig.”

Never to be ignored is her Mindanao province’s palatable delicacy called ginumis which is similar to the Tagalog shrimp paste or bagoong.

Sylvia’s never-ending tale of food preps seems to be her uncanny way of evading the subject on Arjo’s much-vaunted wedding.

But how true that Arjo and Maine will officially become a wedded couple in July?

Is it also true that Enchong Dee is one of Arjo’s groomsmen? Is the comic trio TVJ godparents on Maine’s side?

As we write this, we have yet to know the complete list of the wedding entourage.

Whatever, we can only envision the kind of life partner Arjo will have found in Maine.

It will be remembered that at the height of the campaign frenzy in 2022, Arjo’s political supporters and allies alike could attest to how Maine wasn’t exactly the stage girlfriend-type who’d compete for attention.

Arjo had likewise proven his worth — and consequently his winnability — sans Maine’s physical presence at sorties where she could easily lure throngs of city residents.

It’s a redeeming fact amid public criticisms that none of them had conveniently used each other.

One thing remarkably admirable of Maine, she even felt guilty that her overwhelming popularity was said to have been capitalized to Arjo’s political advantage.

Only did Maine feel relaxed and relieved when Sylvia assured her she was faultless.

If that is how the two women in Arjo’s life treat each other, we are confident that their mother-in-law-daughter-in-law relationship will go smoothly. — Ronnie Carrasco 3rd