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Albertans snap photos of bumblebees for North America-wide study

There are 29 different bumblebee species in Alberta Citizen scientists Maura Hamill is counting the different bee species she finds in her Calgary yard.(Lucie Edwardson/CBC)A bumblebee perches on a flower in a Calgary yard.(Lucie Edwardson/CBC) Sarah Johnson is the lead biologist with Wildlife Preservation Canada’s native pollinator initiative. The organization …

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Smoke from raging B.C. fires seen from space by NASA satellite

Fires continue to rage as smoke crosses the country A satellite image shows the smoke from fires in British Columbia drifting across Alberta and Saskatchewan on Aug. 15.(NASA Earth Observatory/NASA GSFC/Lauren Daphin)This NASA satellite image was taken 1.5 million kilometres away on Aug. 15. The smoke from the fires in …

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Many cannabis health claims aren’t backed by science

‘There’s a lot more hype than evidence,’ researcher says A technician sorts cannabis at a medical growing facility in Ontario. There is strong evidence that cannabis can help alleviate some medical conditions, but there are many other health claims that have not been scientifically proven. (Tijana Martin/Canadian Press) “Some of …

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Debate over plastic straws broadens to include balloons

Marine animals may ingest balloons thinking they’re jellyfish, or get tangled in strings This Kemp’s ridley sea turtle was found June 13 off the coast of western Florida with one of its flippers caught in a buoy line. It was taken to Clearwater Marine Aquarium’s animal hospital where it passed …

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