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Community Roundup

LBC Express, Inc. And Talamak Golf – Partners In

The Talamak Golfers Association (TGA) is a Filipino-Canadian golf & sports club in the Greater Toronto Area that has partnered with LBC Express Inc. (Canada), the Philippines premiere cargo-forwarding company, in promoting sports and community-development initiatives during almost two decades of its existence. This year, LBC and Talamak have once …

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The million-miler

By The Manila Times October 25, 2019 PEGGY ANGELES Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing SM Hotels and Conventions Corp. “You have to check how many people are checking out, and how many people are going to check in, and how many more rooms do you have to spare, to …

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Ikebana Manila’s ‘Flower Focus’ in bloom

By THE MANILA TIMES October 20, 2019 Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement, a tradition that dates back to centuries ago when floral arrangements were made in altars under the influence of the Buddhists. Marina Balce calls her work, ‘Magical’ Bella Pilapil says of her Ikebana, ‘Life is …

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Wars we fight inside us

By MAX SUCQUIT JR. October 20, 2019 Gershon (not his real name) is a well-respected professor of math in a prestigious college in the metropolis. At 45, he has taught the subject diligently for more than a decade. He is a likeable figure in and out of campus. Although he …

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Avril Rodriguez shows the way to wholeness

By CARLA BIANCA RAVANES-HIGHAM October 20, 2019 CARLA BIANCA RAVANES-HIGHAM The quote “Your energy introduces you even before you speak” is embedded in my head like a post-it and comes to the forefront of my mind when I meet new people. People can pretend and manipulate through words but energy …

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More than just World Pandesal Day celebration

By IZA IGLESIAS, TMT October 20, 2019 Quezon City’s pioneering artisanal Kamuning Bakery Cafe celebrated its fifth “World Pandesal Day” on October 16, and as in past years gave 70,000 pieces of pandesal, cheese, canned goods, rice and and other food items for free to the community. Kamuning Bakery celebrates …

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