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Is Miss Universe Philippines next for Herlene Budol?

DOES Herlene Budol find herself in a quandary as to which national pageant she’ll join next?

In her latest interview, the once-called Hipon Girl was asked to give her two cents with regard to Michelle Dy’s win at the Miss Universe Philippines (MUPh) last May. Like Herlene, this year’s MUPh winner is also a Kapuso artist.

Does Herlene Budol believe she’s treading the right career path in beauty pageantry? INSTAGRAM PHOTOS HERLENE_BUDOLDoes Herlene Budol believe she’s treading the right career path in beauty pageantry? INSTAGRAM PHOTOS HERLENE_BUDOL

“I’m proud of her. She deserved the crown. I didn’t think there ever was politics in her victory. There would sure have been had I also joined,” Herlene said.

This prompted the reporter to ask if she’s entertaining the thought of trying her luck in the same pageant.

“Why not? I’m only 23 years old now and I think I can join until I reach 27. I’ll probably join within that period,” she told the inquisitive reporter.

If ever, how will Herlene prepare for the pageant? It’s common knowledge that a candidate of MUPh — compared to most local beauty contests — is expected to raise the bar, that not only is beauty a major criterion but brains as well.

“I’m really preparing for it. I’ve been reading and getting help from my tutor. I’m confident that by then, I’d be more prepared to join,” Herlene spoke with sheer ease and confidence.

It was her manager, Wilbert Tolentino, who pushed her to join a beauty pageant one more time.It was her manager, Wilbert Tolentino, who pushed her to join a beauty pageant one more time.

If there’ll be no change of plans, that will be Herlene’s third time to join a national pageant.

Her very first was Binibining Pilipinas (BP) where she finished first runner-up. Herlene also bagged the most number of seven special awards.

Her joining BP was initially one of reluctance. It was actually her mentor cum manager Wilbert Tolentino who pushed her to join with a promise of a house and lot.

Little did Herlene realize, however, that Wilbert was grooming her to join the first ever edition of Miss Grand Philippines.

“If it were up to me, I’d pass up on this chance because I already did Binibining Pilipinas, but I still joined to make him happy. With everything he has done for my career and my life, I felt that it’s only right to pay him back by way of joining Miss Grand,” Herlene explained.

Thankfully, Herlene made it to the 11 out of 16 MGP aspirants at the coronation night slated next month.

Earlier, there were also talks she’d compete in the Miss Globe Philippines. Is Herlene hell-bent to try them all?

So, hit or miss: will Herlene still compete in next year’s MUPh? Or does Herlene reaĺly have to try another pageant, and if so, what for?

Does Herlene seriously believe she’s treading the right career path?

Sans a bit of condescension, does Herlene think she can achieve that level of intelligence when she reaches the maximum age requirement for any MUPh hopeful?

Isn’t local showbiz welcoming enough for people like Herlene who need not have something between her ears? Isn’t Herlene pushing her luck too far?

Anyway, still the best of luck to you, Herlene, on your MGP journey!

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