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Love and relationships in the Year of Wood Dragon

According to Feng Shui consultant and traditional Chinese medicine practitioner Jean Yu Chua, the dynamics of relationships can be influenced by the changing vibrations each year.

“While we don’t interfere in personal matters, we do offer guidance based on individual preferences. This year’s Feng Shui forecast suggests a focus on trust and loyalty. While there may be opportunities for networking and professional relationships to flourish, the same might not hold true for romantic endeavors,” Chua told Manila Standard Life during a special Pandesal Forum held recently at the 85-year-old Kamuning Bakery Cafe in Quezon City.

However, certain signs, like the Snake and Pig, might experience an uplift in their romantic lives, potentially leading to deeper connections or the start of new relationships.

Jean Yu Chua goes on a deep dive about how animal signs will fare this Year of the Wood Dragon

“Since this year is a Wood Dragon Year, certain animal signs have a special power which we call Sky Happiness, and this year it is for those born in the year of the Snake. They may find a level up in terms of their romantic relationship; they can plan to have a family or enter into a new relationship for singles. The same can be said for those born in the Year of the Pig,” Chua announced.

On the flip side, some may encounter challenges in romantic relationships due to factors like the “Infidelity Star,” which could stem from emotional imbalance caused by a lack of water energy. Despite these potential hurdles, there are avenues for growth and fulfillment, particularly in areas outside of romance.

“For others, because of the Infidelity Star, relationships may not be good romantically, but in other aspects, they may be good. The Infidelity Star is due to the lack of water energy or the water element, so people might be emotionally imbalanced,” she pointed out.

Chua said that as we navigate the year ahead, it’s essential to remain open to opportunities for personal and professional development. While the focus may often be on financial matters or career prospects, it’s equally important to nurture relationships and prioritize emotional well-being.

From left: FFCCCII officer Eduardo Cobankiat, Jean Yu Chua, and ‘Pandesal Forum’ moderator Wilson Lee Flores

“While the year may bring prosperity in various aspects, including business ventures, don’t overlook the importance of fostering meaningful connections and finding balance in your romantic pursuits,” she stated.

Chua expressed optimism about the generally positive and auspicious nature of the Year of the Wood Dragon, especially in fostering positive relations among individuals. For those facing less fortunate prospects this Wood Dragon Year, Chua recommended counteracting challenges with hard work, emphasizing extra care for health and financial mindfulness, and engaging in acts of kindness while remaining loyal to spiritual beliefs.

Chua also underscored that the Dragon Year is particularly favorable for starting a family, as babies born during this time are believed to inherit auspicious qualities associated with the Year of the Dragon, thus many hope for “Dragon Babies” this year.

The “Loong” or Chinese Dragon symbolizes honor, strength, good luck, benevolence, and prestige. Unlike its Western counterpart, the Chinese Dragon is associated with water, bringing rain to assist farmers, in stark contrast to the fire-breathing and menacing Western dragon.

“In general forecast in Peach Blossom Star, it will enhance every animal sign’s relationship specifically in the field of networking. Probably you can find a new mentor or someone who will guide you, but relationships entering into business will be stronger. The same thing cannot be said in terms of romantic relationships,” the Feng Shui consultant said.

“What is mainly sought now is the trust factor, especially with those around you, that they remain loyal to achieve your targets and goals,” she added.

The event was held in anticipation of the Federation of Filipino Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (FFCCCII) 70th Anniversary on March 9.

Representing FFCCCII were officers Eduardo “Eddy” Cobankiat and Pandesal Forum moderator Wilson Lee Flores. —  Nickie Wang

Credit belongs to: www.manilastandard.net

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