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Making sense of all the anxieties in this Covid-19 crisis

PAPER VIEW By DEAN MEL STA. MARIA Dean Mel Sta. Maria The present Covid-19 crisis revealed many things from the government and the public. Interesting are the many posts in social media making suggestions, giving opinions, praising and/or lambasting the Duterte administration. Though manifested in contradicting ways, love of country …

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A different Holy Week celebration this year

Pope Francis ventured out into the deserted streets of Rome last Sunday and went to pray at two shrines for the end of the coronavirus pandemic which has been specially deadly for Italy, next to China. Europe has become the epicenter of the pandemic, according to the World Health Organization …

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Keep our hopes up at this time of crisis

The high prices that hit the nation in 2018 were blamed by the country’s economic managers on the undue rise in world oil prices. Philippine market prices, as measured by economists in inflation rates, started rising in January that year, hit a three-year high in May with an inflation rate …

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Too much sharing

Medium Rare By Jullie Y. Daza Jullie Y. Daza There’s an emerging disease and it’s coming out of our ears: coronavirus, aka CoVid-19. Each day that passes the news just gets worse. And why are we naming it differently? From the beginning, the international media have been referring to it …

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Extraordinary actions for extraordinary times

FINDING ANSWERS By FORMER SENATOR ATTY. JOEY D. LINA Atty. Joey D. Lina The fear of being stricken with COVID-19, and possibly dying from the new coronavirus now wreaking havoc across the world, has prompted many Filipinos to become extra cautious and mindful of ways to lessen risks of infection. …

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The lockdown is a test of governance

GOVERNANCE MATTERS By FORMER VICE PRESIDENT JEJOMAR C. BINAY Jejomar C. Binay Former Vice President In times of crisis, our greatest enemy is fear. Fear stems from uncertainty. This was evident in the panic buying that ensued in the days leading to and immediately after the announcement of a Metro …

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Welcome assurances on checkpoints, curfew

People old enough to remember that day in September, 1972, when martial law was announced by the Marcos administration may have had some fears about the lockdown in Metro Manila upon seeing the police and troop checkpoints around the area last Sunday. Secretary of Justice Menardo Guevarra, however, has reiterated …

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Uncertain future

CHAFF FROM THE GRAIN By FORMER PRESS SECRETARY HECTOR R.R. VILLANUEVA “What the American public always want is a tragedy with a happy ending.” — William Dean Howells Hector R. R. Villanueva During the early period of the Renaissance, about five or six centuries ago, the bubonic plague or Black …

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The Archipelagic Mural, and another

BELOW THE LINE By JOSE ABETO ZAIDE Ambassador José Abeto Zaide An old man remembers. The lift at Laurenzenberg 2 in Vienna opens to a third floor corridor leading to the Philippine Embassy. The artist was drilling away at the left wall of the corridor, when my secretary, Vencie Franco, …

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Your world is everyone’s world

#ASKGOYO By ATTY. GREGORIO LARRAZABAL Atty. Gregorio Larrazabal Was supposed to write about my drive around Panay island, but decided to shelve that and discuss instead about the COVID-19 pandemic. I’ve seen some people post on social media. That they’re not afraid. They’re oozing with confidence because they have a …

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