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EXCUSE ME PO! Six revelations about Kapuso broadcaster Mike Enriquez

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  • Marissa Flores, former Senior Vice President of GMA News and Public Affairs, revealed that when the cameras are off, she dances to the music played on set. However, he would show this side of him on cameras, especially at the end of a newscast.

Mike Enriquez 

Miguel “Mike” Enriquez joined the broadcast industry in 1969 and then became part of GMA Network in 1995, wholeheartedly serving the Filipino audience for 54 years.

A respected journalist in the industry, Mike has established himself with his distinctive voice and commitment to the truth.

Mike provided insightful coverage of significant events, shaping public opinion and highlighting crucial issues.

Last Aug. 29, the veteran broadcaster passed away at age 71 while having dialysis. His wife, Lizabeth “Baby” Yumping-Enriquez, said that Mike’s blood pressure suddenly dropped and his heartbeat stopped.

Mike was one of the anchors of GMA’s flagship newscast “24 Oras” and hosted the long-running public affairs program “Imbestigador.” He also served as President of RGMA Network, Inc. and GMA Network’s Senior Vice President and Consultant for Radio Operations. He also anchored DZBB’s “Super Balita sa Umaga” and “Saksi sa Dobol B.”

Let’s take a closer look at the life and legacy of the beloved broadcaster, as revealed in an episode of “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho.”

  • Mike was a funny guy

Despite reporting serious topics, the broadcaster also had a funny side. Joel Reyes Zobel, an anchorman of DZBB, said that Mike was a serious person sometimes but would crack jokes occasionally.

His wife, Baby, said that the real Mike differed from the one we see on television. Apart from his authoritative voice and serious persona, Baby said he was joyful and talkative.

Marissa Flores, former Senior Vice President of GMA News and Public Affairs, revealed that he dances to the music played on set when the cameras are off. However, he would often exhibit this side of his personality on camera, particularly towards the end of a newscast.

  • Mike frequently coughed because of nuts

The famous catchphrase “Excuse me po!” was actually inspired by his fondness for eating nuts. He often experienced dryness in his throat due to his preference for this particular snack. Fellow broadcaster Jessica Soho advised him to avoid eating nuts, but staff members would still sneak them in for him to eat.

It came to a point when he even said, “Ilang beses ba kong pwede umubo? Papalagay ko yan sa kontrata ko” when Marissa talked to him.

  • His nickname ‘Booma’ came from comicbook

Mike used to receive teasing calls from his friends who nicknamed him “Booma” due to his weight. The nickname was derived from an elephant featured in a comic created by Mars Ravelo. He used to get angry when they called him Booma, but eventually, he grew accustomed to the nickname and it stuck with him throughout his career.

Baby Enriquez (left) and Jessica Soho with Mike Enriquez’s standee (Facebook) 

  • Mike and his wife treated their dogs like their babies

The couple considered their dogs as their children since they didn’t have any kids.

They had a tendency to name their dogs after Mike’s nicknames. Their brown poodle is called “Booma,” and their white poodle is called “Mickey.”

“Yung Mickey was his nickname when he was small. ‘Yun ang tawag sa kanya nung mga parents niya, grandparents,” Baby said.

[When he was young, Mickey was known by his nickname, which was used by his parents and grandparents.]
  • Mike had a very generous heart

Mike, according to Baby, is a generous person who readily helps others. Elgin Feliciano, a crew member of “Imbestigador,” received financial assistance from Mike for his appendix surgery.

“Madali siya lapitan. Bukas-palad ‘yung pagtulong niya kahit sino ang lumapit sa kanya.” he said.

[He was approachable. He was generous and helped anyone who came to him.]

Joel mentioned that Mike comforted him after his dad’s passing and encouraged him to express his emotions. The journalist even told him that, “Kapag huminto kang malungkot, parang nakalimutan mo na sila.” [When you stop being sad, it’s like you’ve forgotten them.]

  • Mike was a diligent worker

Maan Famador, floor director of “Imbestigador” and “24 Oras,” said that in the span of 22 years, Mike was never absent from work.

Whenever he took a medical leave, he eagerly anticipated his return to work. Baby reported that the caregivers informed her about Mike’s contact with GMA Network’s chairman and CEO, Atty. Felipe Gozon. After a few days, a letter from Atty. Gozon arrived, stating, “Yes Mike. Basta you’re 100 percent sure of yourself that you’re healthy and you can do it and your doctors are giving clearance that you can go back to work, you’re welcome.”

Mike’s contributions to the field of journalism in the Philippines have been remarkable. He has inspired many aspiring broadcasters with his unwavering commitment to truth and justice for the abused. (Jaff Emielene Conejos/OJT/University of Santo Tomas)


— Aaron Recuenco

Credit belongs to: www.mb.com.ph

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