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Rob Deniel finds inspiration in first love

Singer-songwriter Rob Deniel, known for his viral song “Ulap” and his most recent hit “Ang Pag-ibig,” unveils his latest single, “RomCom,” a song that showcases his recent go-to for song inspiration.

This time, the 19-year-old artist turned to romantic movies to craft his catchy single.

And while the inspiration for “RomCom” is apparent from the song title, the song also delves into the experience of falling in love for the first time, as Rob Deniel explained during an interview during the single launch held last August 27 at the Viva Café.

19-year-old singer-songwriter Rob Deniel19-year-old singer-songwriter Rob Deniel

19-year-old singer-songwriter Rob Deniel

“I aimed to recreate that sensation of being in a romantic comedy movie scene, where everything feels magical and shimmering. Also, that feeling of first love, that's what I wanted for this song to capture.”

Indeed “RomCom” seems straight out of romantic movie soundtrack as Rob sings an instantly infectious chorus. A neat couplet in Tagalog that goes: “labis-labis akong nasasabik/ na makapiling ka na / labis-labis ang mga halik / nang matagpuan na kita.”

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Rob credited the movie “La La Land” as the primary source of inspiration for the song, noting the difference in outcomes.

“This song leads to a happy ending, in contrast to the movie.”

And as Rob was able to zero in on the story telling on “RomCom,” he credits the music that seamlessly went along to his own growing musicality.

“I think my sound is also reflecting my growth as modern elements are starting to pop up in the sound,” as Rob notices too that he is moving beyond the confines of his default retro pop aesthetic. “I have to credit the musicians (in the band) and the producer Jean Paul Verona and arranger Kim Lopez for that.”

“I wrote four versions of 'RomCom' during the drafting stage – some slow, some fast – but this mid-tempo version perfectly encapsulates the essence I wanted to convey.”

“RomCom,” is sure to resonate with listeners who have experienced the whirlwind of emotions that comes with falling in love for the first time. “RomCom” easily reached upwards of 150,000 streams on Spotify alone on the first few days of its release.

Join Rob Deniel as he embarks on a nostalgic journey of first love and romance. Listen to it on all major streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music and on YouTube.

* * *

The young and fast-rising Baguio-band Cup of Joe are set to have their first-ever 'Patutunguhan' show here in Manila as demanded by their Joewahs (fandom name).

Definitely a wish come true for their fans, they will have a two-day show at the Viva Cafe at Cubao, Quezon City.

Cup Of Joe is a six-member band whose members include vocalists Gian Bernardino and Raphaell Ridao, keyboardist Xen Gareza, lead guitarist Gab Fernandez, bassist Sevii Severino and guitarist CJ Fernandez.

Young and fast-rising Baguio band Cup of JoeYoung and fast-rising Baguio band Cup of Joe

Young and fast-rising Baguio band Cup of Joe

Starting with 2019's “Sinderela,” this acoustic-driven number is propelled by the band's 2-vocal setup between Gab and Raphaell whose harmonies are particularly impressive.

Also released the same year, “Nag-iisang Muli” shows off the band's brand of mid tempo ballads with memorable choruses. Said track is a slow burn of a single that seems to grow on you at every listen.

Speaking of, check out the retro pop vibe of their Yule-themed song “Alas Dose” released at the end of the aforementioned year.

The year 2020 brought the songs “Sagada” and “Hayaan.” Both are mid-tempo numbers that sees the band doubling down on alt-pop hued ballads. “Sagada” in particular seems to hit a chord with listeners with its lilting quality and themes of catharsis. Hugot themes? Check!

Then, 2021 saw the band expanding its sonic palette with “Bukod Tangi.” The catchy, repeating choruses of “nag-iisa ka, wala nang iba / lunurin mo ako sa iyong piling, o pwede bang dinggin aking hiling?” plays counterpoint to the bouncy, lounge-y, new wave tinge of it.

Neo-folk vibed “Ikaw Pa Rin Ang Pipiliin Ko” is different but is a good fit for COJ and apparently their listeners approve making it their biggest single to date.

For 2023, they face a new era for their first-ever EP titled 'Patutunguhan' that was released last June 30 — the much-awaited set collects some of their most compelling singles previously released, including trending hits from 2022 “Estranghero,” “Mananatili,” and their most recent hit “Tataya.”

Then there's the featured new songs that include Cup of Joe's beautiful sounding collaboration with Janine Teñoso titled “Tingin.” Plus two newly added tracks titled “Patutunguhan” and “Wag Na Lang” that's certainly bound to win the band more followers and keep their loyal listeners tuned in.

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